Dent on the body line

By Nathan Pizzo On Monday, March 23 rd, 2015 · no Comments · In

5_Star Rating

I got this terrible dent on the body line of my car. I got quotes from 5 different guys. Some said they had to repaint my car. Some didn’t even call me back! I felt that it was an industry where it’s hard to trust a guy to be qualified and knowledgeable enough to touch my car. I was lucky to find you on yelp. Great customer service and all around nice guy. Rest assured you can trust him. He’ll give you a reasonable price and quality workmanship. He is now my go to guy. Please don’t get ripped off by other dent repair guys. He was honest and said he can get it to about 90% but I was impressed! It’s 100%. I recommend this guy.

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